The Crowned King

Big Ramy, Superhuman Products

The Crowned King and The Legend Receive Their Enhanced Welcome

The Crowned King

Over this past weekend, Mr. Olympia Big Ramy, the champion of the entire world of body building, and body building legend and 11x Mr. Olympia competitor Dennis James received a hero’s ceremony in Cairo, Egypt, that was seen by the entire world. In a ceremony fit for a king of the world and an Egyptian Pharaoh, Big Ramy took center stage.

The Enhanced Yellow Carpet At the St. Regis in Cairo, with Dennis James, Big Ramy, and Enhanced VP Haytham Haggag from Left to Right.


The event was a great night, filled with great friends discussing exactly what it means for the bodybuilding and the supplement industry now that Enhanced Labs has signed not one year, but three year, long term deals with Big Ramy and Dennis James. There is already discussion about the possibility of Ramy-Branded products, and an Arabic-language Middle East-fulfilled website and center.

And there is no doubt after the interviews about why Big Ramy and Dennis choose Enhanced: “they are the best supplements in the world”.

Ramy and Dennis with RAGE RELOADED – HIGH STIM. When they hit the gym, they know what to use.


If this event was a preview of what Enhanced has planned for Mr. Olympia 2021, then its going to be a crazy expo!  The Event was covered by dozens of Middle Eastern and Egyptian News Outlets, including On Time Sports (see coverage by clicking here) and news agency Zaywa (see coverage by cliking here).



When the question was posed: What Can Big Ramy and Enhanced do together as a team?

The answer was clear from Big Ramy: “what can we not do?”

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