Shipping Information

  • Shipping is handled internally by Enhanced Labs with either UPS, USPS, or DHL.
  • Express Shipping options are always upgraded to USPS Express or UPS Overnight.
  • Shipping and Handling will be routinely completed with 48 business hours of an order, unless exceptions outside the control of Enhanced occur, in which case the customer would be notified.
  • Shipments within the United States typically ship within 1-3 total days and arrive within 3 to 9 days.
  • Shipments outside of the United States typically ship within 2 to 5 total days and arrive within 6 to 12 days.
  • To contact our shipping department:

    Email Address: [email protected],
    Phone Number: 800-691-3343

Returns Information

  • Enhanced Labs has a 30-day money-back guarantee and return policy.
  • In order to return a product, send an email to [email protected] with the order number and the return and the reason (such as: broken capsules, bad taste, etc).
  • Enhanced will provide an invoice for the return shipping slip.
  • Once the customer pays for the return shipping, Enhanced will provide the shipping label.
  • Once the customer ships and Enhanced receives the return, Enhanced will refund the customers credit card.
  • If the customer does not desire money back, they can take other or replacement products shipped out to them.
  • For international customers, if DHL cannot deliver to your address, you may be required to pickup the package at a close DHL drop location.


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