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Redcon1 vs. ENHANCED: Head to Head

Redcon1 vs. ENHANCED: Head to Head

Redcon1 is a very visible supplement company and we recently had some people reach out asking: how do your supps compare to Redcon1s?

So we took the challenge: ENHANCED vs. Redcon1 head to head.

First up: Redcon1 Canteen vs. Enhanced Carb-Tech

What is most interesting about the story with these two products, is that it seems that Redcon1 appears to have copied Enhanced Labs: Enhanced launched Carb Tech on July 15th, 2020(see announcement here). Then, 3 months later, about the typical run time on formulation, testing, mixing, and production for a new product, Redcon1 announces the launch of CanteenThey take what Carb-Tech is(a during-workout hydration drink for serious athletes with no sugar so they can ditch Gatorade) and then gut the product of its efficacy: No creatine(Carb Tech has 5g), No Beta Alanine. Then they cut the dosing from 40 scoops to 30 scoops to make it look cheaper even still. Then because the taste was likely terrible they added artificial sweeteners..

The Canteen product is $30, and the Carb-Tech product is $45.  But Carb Tech has 40 scoops making the price per serving similar: $1.12 per serving for Carb-Tech, and $1.00 per serving for Canteen. And for that 12 cents more you get: Creatine, Beta Alanine, Dextrose, and no artificial sweetener with Carb-Tech.

Enhanced Carb Tech Redcon1 Canteen
Servings 40 30
Amount of Ingredients(Weight) 19,675 mg 7,765 mg
Electrolytes  X  X
Trace Minerals X X
Creatine X
Beta Alanine X
Taurine X X
Artificial Sweeteners X

The winner is clear. What’s bizarre is that a large company like Redcon1 with tens of millions of investor capital and products at Walmart, would take the time to mimic – poorly – an Enhanced product launch.

Check out the Video on Carb Tech and read the reviews – get yours today use discount “carbup” for 15% off Carb Tech and get your Carb Tech cheaper per serving than Redcon1 Canteen!

Second Up: Enhanced RAGE Reloaded vs. Redcon1 Total War

What’s curious about the “flagship” Pre-workout by Redcon1 is its name: Total War. There isn’t much “warring” about it:

Redcon1 Total War Label

They should just call it a Citrulline Malate supplement with a heavy dose of jitter-causing, crash-inducing caffeine. This is not a well formulated “smart” pre-workout. It is an old fashion “dumb” pre-workout that just takes a couple of heavy ingredients and then pixie dusts the rest. This is a Citrulline/Caffeine product with a decent shot of Beta Alanine.

It costs $40 for 30 Scoops and is $1.33 per serving. No doubt you will feel it. We wager you might feel it on the back side too with a bit of a crash and/or jitters.

Lets check out the new Rage Reloaded label:

At Enhanced we know that we could just dump a bunch of cheap citrulline and caffeine variants into the product, but our athletes have demanded better. They don’t want jitters. They don’t want a crash. They don’t want a dumb pre-workout.

They wanted a smart, professional grade pre-workout that gives unfettered power for a full length workout with no crash.

Hence our scientific team engineered the “SMART STIM MATRIX” which means we use a host of ingredients to work with one another to product a force multiplying affect that is more powerful and effective than just pouring caffeine and some other big heavy pours into a bottle blended together. RAGE RELOADED has 18 ingredients making it one of the most complex and professional formulations in the pre-workout space ever, period.

By using Synephrine and Yohimbine, you remove the need for 300 mgs of blended caffeine variants. By using DMAE and Teacrine you remove the need for having 2 grams of Taurine and Beta A. All of the Smart Stim matrix ingredients work together, synergistically, to produce an effect that empowers real athletes like @brianandraos, @drtonyhuge, @carolynefit_ to get through intense training sessions with no crash and no jitters.

The price is $49.99 but has 60 servings, not 30 making each scoop only cost $0.83. This means that RAGE RELOADED HIGH STIM is actually cheaper than Total War per serving, and way more sophisticated of a product.

If you are looking to just OD on caffeine and Citrulline: Total War is for you.

If you are looking for a professional and SMART pre workout: RAGE RELOADED is your jam.

The Final Verdict:

Every supplement company has its mission. Its core values. Its “guiding force”. Redcon1 wants to be in every Walmart store on the aisles. Which is good. That is what they package: simple supplements that are low grade that can afford the margin cuts that distributors like WALMART demand. They want to be the supplement company of the “every day guy” who maybe hits the gym 2 times per month. Their products appear to be well suited to that mission.

At Enhanced, we continue to believe in pioneering human evolution and fighting for truth. Truth in supplements is the same way: we will make professional grade supplements for professional grade athletes and people taking their training seriously. Our products will never be on the shelves at Walmart – we don’t have high enough margins to ever do that because of doing things the right and most effective way: like putting 18 ingredients into a pre-workout and selling sixty scoops for under a dollar per scoop.

But we know that we continue to do things right at Enhanced, and we thank Redcon1 for giving us the flattery of imitating our Carb Tech product!

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