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Get your personal Olympia transformation super-charged with the same trainer and supplements used by Mr. O Champ Big Ramy. Package includes 8 weeks of diet and training planning by Dennis “the Menace” James.


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Becoming Enhanced requires transformation. Transformation requires discipline, effort, work, nutrition, and supplementation. This ultimate transformation stack and my coaching package will get you well on the way to the Enhanced you.

Denis James

11x Olympic Competitor


All the plans are made by Dennis James Himself. No assistants are involved in the actual making of the plans. Once the purchase is made you will receive the plans within 4 days after completing the questionnaire. After receiving the programs feel free to reply to us with any questions you might have regarding the customized program tailored for your schedule, body type, and goals!

with this custom package designed for you

You will uncover the truth behind taking your program to the next level:

Building an amazing physique isn’t nearly as complicated as the fitness industry wants you to believe.

  • You don’t need to starve yourself with “extreme fat loss diets” or give up all the foods you enjoy eating.
  • You don’t need to toil away in the gym for hours per day doing workouts you hate.
  • You don’t need to do hours of cardio to lose stubborn belly fat.

Those are just some of the harmful myths that keep people like you from achieving the lean, toned, strong, and healthy body they desire.

The real results come from consistency and always pushing just a little harder each day combined with the right supplementation to get your to your goal even faster.

And with massive stack of 10 of the most effective supplements, you’re going to get something most people never will…

You will learn the same supplement protocols used to help propel Big Ramy to Mr. Olympia and be provided with the best, state of the art sports supplements in the industry. This was specifically designed for bodybuilders who want to take their physique to the next level.

The Ultimate Transformation Stack contains: 3 fat burners + 4 muscle builders + 3 performance boosters.

ECA Shred

combines 9 clinically dosed ingredients to target morning fat loss through 5 different pathways: Burn Fat, Prevent Fat Storage, Supress Appetite, Boost Energy, Improve Mood.

Rage Stim Reloaded

is a clinically dosed pre workout with ingredients scientifically proven to boost energy levels, improve physical performance and enhance focus. Rage doesn’t contain mega dosages of caffeine so there is no crash.

Rage Pump Reloaded

is a stimulant (no caffeine) free pre-workout powerhouse that delivers the vascularity and pump you want in the gym combined with extreme focus, energy and power you need when training for results. You will feel a muscle pump in a whole new way.


contains science backed ingredients clinically shown to optimize glycemic response/handling, improve performance, increase muscle size and decrease body fat.

Arachidonic acid

plays an essential role in the growth and repair of skeletal muscle tissue. It is an essential dietary component in the muscle hypertrophy process.

Black Ox

was specifically formulated to be the strongest and most effective natural testosterone booster ever developed. Black Ox’s comprehensive two-in-one formula utilizes 11 scientifically proven ingredients in full clinical dosages to naturally increase testosterone and regulate estrogen to remove the metabolites that can cause health concerns like water retention and gynecomastia.

Anabolic IV

provides exactly what you need for maximum muscle growth with clinically dosed essential amino acids, a nitric oxide blend, a non-stimulant nootropic blend, an electrolyte blend, a B-vitamin blend and a fat oxidation and muscle sensitivity blend.

All Day Shred

contains a synergistic blend of 15 clinically dosed ingredients with specific benefits for evening use, so you burn fat 24 hours a day.

EPIMuscle (Epicatechin)

is a bioactive flavonol that increases follistatin. More follistatin equals less myostatin, and less myostatin means more muscle.


Performance Based Diuretic to Improve Muscle Definition and Reduce Excess Water Weight

Example Day


The Ultimate Transformation Stack and the coaching package by Enhanced Labs is some of the best in the industry. It has helped me win shows and get me to the next level and I continue to use those lessons and supplements in my own coaching business

Slin Diesel,
2020 Tahoe Shoe Winner

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The Ultimate Transformation Stack and the coaching package by Enhanced Labs is some of the best in the industry. It has helped me win shows and get me to the next level and I continue to use those lessons and supplements in my own coaching business