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The most hardcore natural anabolic stack on the market. Designed to give the natural bodybuilder a huge muscle building edge.

trevor k.

Chemical Engineer

If you want to

build lean muscle, lose fat,
and look great

as quickly as possible without using drugs, then you want this stack.

Building an amazing physique without drugs takes discipline and extreme attention to detail. Obviously, nothing will replace proper training and nutrition but there are some amazing science backed supplements that that will give a natural athlete an edge similar to some of the more hardcore anabolics taken by professional bodybuilders. Our goal was to put all the most hardcore and effective natural anabolic promoting supplements in one stack, so all natural bodybuilders can get a serious edge.

Arachidonic Acid

plays an essential role in the growth and repair of skeletal muscle tissue. It is an essential dietary component in the muscle hypertrophy process.

Phytodrol (Laxogenin)

is a naturally occurring steroidal sapogenin found in plants. Similar to steroids, Laxogenin increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

EPIMuscle (Epicatechin)

is a bioactive flavonol that increases follistatin. More follistatin equals less myostatin, and less myostatin means more muscle.


contains science backed ingredients clinically shown to increase muscle insulin sensitivity, improve performance, increase muscle size and decrease body fat.

Anabolic IV

provides exactly what you need for maximum muscle growth with clinically dosed essential amino acids, a nitric oxide blend, a non-stimulant nootropic blend, an electrolyte blend, a B-vitamin blend and a fat oxidation and muscle insulin sensitivity blend.

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