Phytodrol Mass Monster

Get Huge, Pumped and Swole with the Phytodrol Mass Monster Stack!



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The Phytodrol Mass Monster Stack contains Rage Pump, Anabolic IV, 2 bottles of Phytodrol and an Enhanced Keychain!

This stack increases strength, boosts workout performance, improves recovery. Phytodrol – A naturally occurring steroidal sapogenin found in plants. Phytodrol increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Rage Pump – A stimulant free (no caffeine) pre workout powerhouse with clinical dosage of Creatine HCL. Rage Pump delivers the pump, vascularity and strength you need when training for results.
Anabolic IV – Clinically dosed essential amino acids with nitric oxide boosters, nootropics, electrolytes and essential B vitamins. Anabolic IV increases muscle protein synthesis so you recover faster from your workouts.


Laxogenin products work. The US Anti Doping Agency just put them on the hit list. Another attack on freedom. Did you know that the Enhanced Laxogenin product Phytodrol has 300% more laxogenin in than the leading competitor at 60% of the price? Dont be fooled....Do the research...get ripped....stay swole.

Tony Huge

Professional Bodybuilder