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save 40%! This is the bundle that has what you need to get your workouts to the next level. A Smart and powerful pre-workout and a shaker to mix it in. The most potent fat burner on the market. And Arachidonic Acid, the muscle building and inflammation booster to get your pumps and muscles some real gainz. Take your protocol to the next level with the Enhanced essentials bundle and save 40%!


Enhanced Essentials

Rage Reloaded Stim

The Pre-workout Market is flooded. And its changed. When Enhanced released the first RAGE products they were at the head of the pack. But we never stopped innovating, pioneering human evolution. And it is with pride we announced RAGE RELOADED including the SMART 8 STIM MATRIX. RAGE RELOADED will unleash your inner beast in a way that is muscle pumping and mind blowing – you will become the monster that lives inside of you.

ECA Shred

The ECA (ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin) stack was arguably the greatest fat loss stack of all time. It delivered quick fat loss, insane energy and destroyed appetite. Unfortunately, ephedrine is no longer legal to purchase so the ECA stack is a thing of the past.

The supplement matrix in ECA SHRED provides all the same benefits as the ECA stack, but without the adrenal crash. Our formulations team was able to make such an effective product because all the ingredients in ECA SHRED work synergistically with one and another. This allows the ingredients to work even more efficiently then taking them individually. It’s similar to a 1 + 1 = 3 analogy.

Arachidonic Acid

This is the #1 most powerful natural muscle builder on the market!

On your journey to sculpt the ultimate physique, you have a lot of different options to assist you with the process. On one end of the spectrum you have things that are extremely safe but only mildly effective, such as creatine and protein powder. On the other end of the spectrum you have things that are extremely effective, but there is also a substantial risk for side effects, not to mention legality issues.

Arachidonic acid is somewhere in the middle. Still very safe and obviously legal to purchase, but way more powerful than anything you can buy at your typical brick and mortar supplement store.


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Stephen S.
Good and bad

The products are great, but I will not be ordering again as I was made to pay 21% import duty into Spain

James C.
Great Stack

Rage is a great preworkout. Arachidonic Acid is a game changer it will literally put a one inch on your arms in one workout. So put the work in and grow

George B.

With arachadonic acid I had a immediate feeling of dense muscle throughout my back workout, with the combination of the preworkout I had really good pumps. The ECA Shred feels almost like ephedrine but it has a subtle smoothness to it. It felt almost nostalgic of the ephedrine I used to get.