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NFL turned Enhanced Athlete turned Beats Maker?

Our very own Enhanced Athlete Dillon Salva continues his journey: the form NFL Athlete turned Enhanced Athlete recently presented the Enhanced Faithful with his recent body building presentation and pics. But little did we know, that there is even more behind the scenes with Dillon Salva.

He has become a certified personal trainer and is taking on servicing the stars, helping them learn what it means to become Enhanced. First up is artist and rapper Fetty Wap, as seen in the picture above. Then he has taken on Pac-12 elite quarter back talent, seen below:

From the NFL to the NCAA to the recording studio, his work is on display!

So being Enhanced is not just about doing supplements, or just hitting new personal bests in the gym. Its about a lifestyle of never giving ground, of always reaching higher, of seeing a challenge and saying “I can and will do that”. It means looking circumstances down in the face and saying: what the hell ever.

Dillon embodies that and we are proud to have him on the team.

In his spare time he even records music beats. He has given us access to one of his beats and encourages all the Enhanced family out there to use the beat to make a video montage of themselves putting in that work, getting Enhanced.

Here it is – Click on the video below to go check it out:

Keep up the good work Dillon.

Enhanced Stands With You!


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