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Natural Health Remedies – Enhanced – Collaboration

Enhanced Labs is proud to announce their collaboration with Natural Health Remedies, a CBD firm built around and for the use of CBD products by bodybuilders and athletes.

After reviewing the formulation behind the Natural Health Remedies products, and their focus on the bodybuilding and athletic community, we knew they were the CBD company that we have all been waiting for.

Here is one of their customers testimonials who is in the certified personal training space:

“Ok so not gonna lie I’m totally shook. I used to be an aerobic instructor & personal trainer before I was an occupational therapist so I’ve tried tons of different topicals, rx strength & medical grade that don’t even come close to what you have. Applied about 24 hours ago & just beginning to need more. Wow! I’m using it for neuropathy & arthritic pain and so far just a little in the morning and night has made a significant difference in my pain management. Love it”

The benefits of CBD have been well documented, and to have a company finally positioned to serve the sports and bodybuilding community is refreshing. We couldn’t be more excited to enter into this collaboration with Natural Health Remedies and their great team.

Check out their site now by clicking here.

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