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Melissa Brodsky Interview: Pro Card Holder, Enhanced Athlete

Melissa Brodsky Interview: Pro Card Holder, Enhanced Athlete


Melissa Brodsky
Enhanced Labs Interview with Trevor Kouritzin

Enhanced Labs has been making moves: and not just signing Big Ramy. At Enhanced Labs, we are athlete-founded, athlete-run, and athlete focused. So when it comes to natural supplementation, athletes with winning worldviews and drive know that Enhanced is a place they can call home.

A new team member to #teamenhanced is Melissa Brodksy. Enhanced CSO Trevor Kouritzin, M. Sc., sat down with her to ask some questions:

1. So, how did you get into sport, body building, pushing yourself, etc?

I’ve taken pride in my physical strength since I was a little girl; growing up around a lot of boys, I felt I had a lot to prove. I went to McDonogh School in Maryland, a very sport-oriented school, for kindergarten through twelfth grade and always played sports, mainly field hockey. I began lifting and running, as well as eating for fuel when I was about thirteen and kept at it on my own until I felt I could use further guidance.

At sixteen I hired my first coach and committed to my first bikini show. I had no idea what the bodybuilding world was or that I was amid finding my passion. At this point, I thought I was lifting to be a better athlete in team sports. At eighteen, with two amateur bikini shows and two amateur figure shows under my belt, I realized I enjoyed my bodybuilding training more than practicing for sports. I had training and meal prep down pat, I was hooked, and I knew I could become elite. I got with my second coach in 2016 and stepped on stage more conditioned than ever before, after which I decided I would not get back on stage until I became worthy of earning my IFBB Pro card.

Fast forward to 2020, I was ready. I hired my current coach Shelby Starnes, won my amateur show, then two weeks later earned my IFBB Pro card at NPC Universe. Nine more months and I took third place in my pro debut at the prestigious Tampa Pro. More to come – there is nothing that drives me like the sport of bodybuilding.

Melissa Brodsky
Melissa Brodsky
2. Who would you say your main influences are?

My main influence comes from outside the bodybuilding world, although there definitely are people within this industry that have inspired me over the years. My number one influence is and will forever be my father; I’ve witnessed him fail and succeed, fail and succeed, continuing to get back up with appreciation for lessons learned and a better game plan with better execution going forward. I admire strong-willed people who are unafraid of failure as those are the people whose commitment, determination, and consistency take them to the top and turn goals to reality, regardless of obstacles.

I share this same respect for many in the bodybuilding industry. I have followed Shelby Starnes, Wendy Fortino, Candice Carter, and I’m sure others, too, since I first took interest in lifting. The genuine nature of their influence is what has kept me interested, informed, and motivated over the years.

3. So what draws you to Enhanced?

Enhanced is different from other supplement companies; the goal is not to push out as many products as possible – the goal is to provide top-tier, effective supplements through means of research, technology, and chemistry.

I respect and appreciate that this company takes such care to formulate and supply breakthrough supplementation for everyone from the average health-conscious person to professional athletes. One of my favorite features on the website is the provision of supplement ingredient information available to everyone.

The unmatched transparency of Enhanced coupled with the incredible people who make up the Enhanced team create an authentic territory for me to grow as an athlete, which I am grateful to be a part of.

4. What are your favorite Enhanced products?

Definitely Anabolic IV which is one of the great amino products out there, and the Enhanced Isolate. I even have a few new videos where I show people how to turn them into slushies!

5. Where will we see you next?

Hopefully at Olympia competing our team captain Big Ramy, and about another half dozen of great team mates. Couldn’t be happier to be part of #teamenhanced.

Thanks to Melissa Brodksy, for joining Enhanced Labs and representing the search and truth for real supplements for real athletes seeking real results! Can’t wait to see you in October at Mr. Olympia!

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