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Enhanced Labs Gives Away $2,500 in Gear and Coaching!

Enhanced Labs has had three great giveaways over the past 60 days. The first was a giveaway of supplements for weight loss and/or muscle gain transformation photos. The results were amazing, and we were thrilled to give away over $1,600 in supplements. Congrats again to our winners!


Then we gave away 12 weeks of Coaching with Craig Golias. Congrats to our winner Thomas Sandberg CSAN, CCNC, and AADP of Long Living Pets Research Projects for winning this great coaching experience. We know that you and Craig will make great gains in and out of the Enhanced systems.

Then Enhanced’s own CSO Trevor Kouritzin offered up 12 weeks of Coaching that he usually charges over $500 for! Congrats to Marty Lang of Louisiana for winning this experience.

Black Friday

Enhanced continues to set the pace when it comes to engaging our community and standing behind our products: we give them away, we include your photos and stories as part of our journey, and we truly want to help and offer you the path forward in your own fitness work.


The Enhanced Labs winter sale has begun now, and look for our upcoming 12 days of Christmas countdown.


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