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Enhanced Athletes Convene in Vegas: Photo Shoot!


This November many of the Enhanced Athletes convened in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a photo shoot. Since Olympia can’t figure out what their plan is and their expo is largely reduced and insignificant for anyone other than the competitors(Enhanced has an athlete qualified who still doesn’t want to go!), we still sent our athletes to Vegas for a get together and a photo shoot. Up top: Craig Golias center, then left to right: Slin Diesel, Brian Andraos, Carolyne Marquez, Kirby, Paul James.

It was a great photo shoot. Here are the highlights:

Women First: Carolyne Marquez leads the Enhanced women with two wins during the season, a fresh NPC National Win, and an IFBB Pro Card with a qualifier for Olympia. Flanking her right is Hazel of the Fit Couple(her and Slin Diesel) with multiple wins at her back and to the left Enhanced Athlete’s Own Jamie Sarabia

Enhanced Athletes

The group agree: the best fat burner on the Market without Caffeine is All Day Shred – Carolyne drinks it hot, Jamie and Hazel cold. We know why, ADS has T-2 in it, the cousin of T-1 and T-3 thyroid hormones, and it costs almost five figures per kilo. All Day Shred continues to be one of the most potent cutting agents on the market. 

The Men of the United States

While Tony and the Muscle Fitness Guys like Pup, Mike, and Simon hold down the Pacific Rim, Enhanced is busy in the United States as well.

In the center is the other half of the Fit Couple, Slin Diesel, with two shows wins this year in Tahoe and Sacramento. Flanking him on the left is Brian Andraos of Southern California, an athlete for both Team Enhanced and Reign. On Slin’s right is Kirby, an Enhanced Athlete since 2016 and part of the pioneering of human evolution – like Slin – from the beginning.

All three use SLIN the product to either cut, or to help their heavy carb days fuel muscle growth!

New Athletes Continue to Join – Meet Paul James of MoneyCashGains.com

Paul James comes to Enhanced out of the Palm Springs area, and is friends with Craig Golias and Tony Huge. We are fans of his clothing line, Money Cash Gains, and the work he is putting in the gym and life clearly marked as “Enhanced” for life.

Paul James Favorite Supplements: Anabolic IV, ECA Shred, and Carb-TECH

The Fit Couple: The Team that Trains Together, Enhances Together, Stays Together

When the Fit Couple works out together, they use Carb-Tech for fuel(think Gatorade but instead of sugar it has dextrose, more electrolytes, and a dosing of beta alanine, taurine, and lots of Creatine for muscle growth)

Whose Stronger: Brian Andraos or Carolyne Marquez? We can’t tell: They are both tough as nails and repping Enhanced from Puerto Rico and Florida to California in Vegas!


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