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Big Ramy – Mr. Olympia Champion 2021 – Winter is Coming

Big Ramy shocked the world when he signed with Enhanced Labs with long time friend Dennis James.

Since then he has dropped three collaborations with Enhanced: Enhanced Isolate, Ramy’s Whey(internationally), and Ramy’s Rage.

And now he has announced his plans for at least part of the season: there will be a return to the United States to stay with Dennis James, 11x Mr. Olympia competitor who just dropped his own Amino product EAA+ with Enhanced Labs. Then of course comes Mr. Olympia. He has been training in true Enhanced fashion:

Enhanced Labs is a mid level sponsor at Mr. Olympia with a 30′ x 20′ booth right at the entrance to the exposition floor and is sponsoring more than five athletes that are competing over the weekend.

And then its off to the Dubai Muscle Show at the end of October where again Enhanced Labs is making a booth presence.

The only question we have: where in the world is Big Ramy and Enhanced not? Welcome to a new era in supplements where you know your getting the best products. Guaranteed or your money back.

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Word is: A Ramy Stack is about to be released as well….stay tuned….

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